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The Control and Consistency of truSculpt

Published on February 17, 2017 by

There are a lot of body-contouring and body-fat-reduction procedures that use precise and intense heat to melt away fat and enhance the tone and appeal of your body. truSculpt is one of your many options for body contouring, and it offers unparalleled control and consistency that is essential for ideal results.

When using heat to treat body fat, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature. This is to ensure that all areas being treated receive the proper and precise amount of heat so that your results look even and natural. The system is equipped with several monitors and feedback systems that help to maintain the temperature throughout your treatment.

With truSculpt, you can finally achieve the chiseled and toned body you have always wanted. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your truSculpt treatment with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen.