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Forever Young BBL – The Recovery Period

Published on June 16, 2017 by
New Jersey BBL Photofacials

Dr. Jill Hazen is a leading cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey offering the Forever Young BBL Treatment. The Forever Young treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive method for reducing the appearance of blemishes on the skin, tightening the surface of the skin, and improving the texture and tone of your facial features.

During the treatment, tiny pulses of broadband light are used to penetrate deep into the skin to treat and eliminate numerous issues. These include sun spots, rosacea, skin laxity, acne, age spots, freckles, sun damage, and common signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

No downtime will be required following your Forever Young BBL treatment. The procedure is gentle on the body, and the device used for the procedure is equipped with a thermoelectric monitoring system that keeps the surrounding tissue cool and safe from harm. Most patients will notice that the areas treated appear red or discolored, but the issue will subside after a few days.

It may take a few weeks for you to see the full results of your treatment, but you should not experience ant pain or discomfort during that time. If you want smooth, soft, and younger-looking skin, contact our office to schedule a consultation for your Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen. .