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Treatments for Sun Spots

Published on July 7, 2017 by

As good as it feels to bathe in the sun, protecting your skin from prolonged sun exposure is very important for the health and appearance of your skin. Still, you can’t always avoid the sun, and after years of being exposed to it, you may begin to notice dark and discolored sun spots forming on your skin.

At Hazen Medical Spa, we offer a wide variety of skin care treatments that can be used to restore the even complexion of your skin. Photofacials, PicoSure Focus, and BBL and IPL treatments are incredibly effective light and laser-based treatments that can clear up sun spots with ease.

We also offer chemical peels, a great alternative to light and laser-based procedures that can restore your complexion and refresh your face.

Don’t let sun spots keep you from feeling beautiful in your skin – contact Hazen Medical Spa today to schedule an appointment. We can provide your skin with the rejuvenating care it needs.