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4 Things to Know about Emsculpt

Published on August 16, 2019 by
Emsculpt fat burning

Are you looking to burn fat and build muscle in your abdomen or buttocks, but can’t achieve the results you want with your workouts? You may be a great candidate for a new non-invasive treatment called Emsculpt, available with Dr. Jill Hazen. With so many different body sculpting treatments on the market, Emsculpt stands out because of its truly revolutionary technology and its great results.

Read on as Dr. Hazen reveals four things to know about Emsculpt.

  1. It stimulates your muscle contractions to build muscle and burn fat.

Emsculpt is the first treatment of its kind: it works by using electromagnetic field energy to stimulate muscle contractions to build muscle and burn fat. The contractions are beyond what your body can achieve on its own; you would have to do approximately 20,000 crunches in half an hour to match the amount of contractions that occur during a treatment session.

You might wonder whether all those muscle contractions are uncomfortable. Although patients report “pulling” sensations during treatment, there is no pain. Dr. Hazen can adjust the intensity of the treatment at any time as needed.

  1. There is no recovery downtime.

The procedure is non-invasive — meaning no needles, incisions or anesthesia — and there is no downtime after treatment or any type of post-operative care plan. Patients do not feel any pain after treatment.

  1. You’ll see quick results.

Even after a single session, the treated area will look better a day or two later. For the best results, four sessions spaced several days apart is typically recommended.

  1. It’s not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Emsculpt should complement a diet and exercise routine (not replace it). Treatment works best on individuals that are lean but want to get rid of that last layer of fat or see that last bit of muscle definition in the abdomen or buttocks. To maintain the effects of treatment, regular exercise and a healthy diet is recommended.

Learn More about Emsculpt

For more information about Emsculpt, Dr. Hazen invites you to schedule a consultation at her practice. She can help you determine whether the treatment can help you achieve your body sculpting goals. Call or email us to book your appointment.