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Is Your Skin Care Routine Working Against You?

Published on April 14, 2020 by
Skin care Princeton, NJ

The team at Hazen Medical Spa believes that a carefully curated skin care regimen can extend the health, hydration and beauty of your skin. But trying new products is always a practice of trial and error. Investing in a new product, only to find that it does not deliver the results you want — or worse, that it causes an adverse reaction — can be discouraging.

In this month’s post, our team discusses some of the signs that your skin care routine may be working against you and that you may be in need of new products.

Your skin is breaking out.

If you experience a breakout after trying new products, the products may be failing to remove makeup, dirt or excess oil from your skin; or, they may be so strong and drying that they cause your skin to produce excess amounts of oil.

In the case of breakouts, it is wise to look for products with ingredients like salicylic acid, which helps fight acne.

Your skin feels itchy or irritated.

Products formulated with fragrances, colors or synthetic ingredients are often known to cause adverse reactions. If you notice itching, stinging, irritation or other negative side effects, check the ingredients of your products carefully and switch to a product with natural ingredients.

Not sure which product is causing your irritation? Use only a gentle cleanser and moisturizer for a week before slowly adding in each of your products, one by one, to find the culprit.

Also, with any new products, try a patch test before incorporating it into your routine to minimize the chances of a breakout.

You aren’t seeing the improvements you want.

Remember that with any new skin care product, patience is key. Expecting to see a complete skin transformation after a few days is not realistic. Unless you experience significant reactions, give new products at least a few weeks before you make judgements. If at that point you do not see any improvements, you may not be using the right formula for your skin type (e.g., your dry skin may need a more emollient moisturizer, or your oily skin may need a serum specifically designed for oily skin).

We Can Help Find the Right Products for Your Skin

Since your skin is like anyone else’s, you should work with a skin care expert who can help you curate a routine specifically for your skin type and goals. Let the team at Hazen Medical Spa know if you would like our assistance with revamping your product regimen. Call or email us today!