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RejuvaPen Micro-Needling

Considering RejuvaPen in Princeton? You can refresh your skin for a healthy glow with RejuvaPen micro-needling treatments at Hazen Medical Spa. A radiant facial complexion can turn back the clock on your appearance, resisting signs of aging for a look that keeps turning heads. With RejuvaPen in Princeton, you can harness the healing power of your own skin for dramatic facial rejuvenation results without downtime.

How Does RejuvaPen Work?

Microneedling treatments have become one of the most popular skin rejuvenation services for patients desiring a more youthful appearance. These treatments work by promoting collagen production in the skin, which increases the skin’s laxity and smoothness. During treatment, the RejuvaPen device creates thousands of tiny “micro-injuries” on the outer layers of the skin. These small imperfections stimulate the skin to heal quickly, increasing the speed of collagen production and causing new, bright, and healthy skin to grow in and revitalize the older, dull or damaged skin on the surface.

RejuvaPen is a unique device that improves the already revolutionary microneedling process, with a customized tip that eliminates the suction of traditional treatments. Microneedling treatments in Princeton, New Jersey, are designed on an individual basis, adjusting the depth and speed to deliver optimal results for each patient’s skin care needs.

RejuvaPen can help you improve the surface of your skin while reducing signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage with only minimal downtime. You can discuss treatment options and expected results prior to treatment during a consultation.

RejuvaPen with PRFM

Introducing PRFM to the skin during treatment with Rejuvapen maximizes the results of microneedling treatment. The PRFM reaches the deeper layers of the skin, working to improve its appearance from the inside out. This activates the body’s healing response, and the body sends collagen and elastin to repair the injured area. The boost of collagen and elastin also “heals” the surrounding skin. Scars flatten out, fine lines and wrinkles soften, and the skin looks tighter and softer.

Treatment Details

First, a sample of your blood is taken and processed to separate the platelet-rich fibrin matrix from other contaminating blood cells. Then, the PRFM is infused into your skin via the Rejuvapen device. The treated area is flooded with growth factors, which stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.

The recovery is rapid and adverse side effects are rare, since we use your own blood. For optimal results, we generally recommend four Rejuvapen treatments performed every four weeks. We can evaluate your specific concerns and recommend a customized treatment plan during an in-person consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RejuvaPen microneedling in Princeton work?

RejuvaPen microneedling works by creating microscopic injuries across the surface of the skin. As the skin begins to heal, new and healthy skin replaces damaged skin for a brighter and more radiant look.

How long do treatments at Hazen Medical Spa take?

Depending on the individual patient’s needs and the size of the treatment area, microneedling treatments take between ten minutes and up to an hour.

Is there any downtime?

Depending on how intense the treatment is, there may be some side effects for a few days following RejuvaPen at Hazen Medical Spa. Most side effects dissipate on their own after two to four days.

When will I see my results?

Results from Microneedling begin to appear in the weeks following treatment, and can continue to improve with a series of treatments.

How can I get started?

To learn more about RejuvaPen microneedling treatments in Princeton, New Jersey at Hazen Medical Spa, contact our office to schedule a consultation.