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ThermiVa in Princeton

Considering ThermiVa feminine rejuvenation in Princeton? Many women experience vaginal looseness or dryness following childbirth or as a part of the natural aging process. This laxity can create issues during intimacy and also lead to urinary incontinence, keeping women from being entirely comfortable and confident. ThermiVa non-surgical vaginal tightening treatments in Princeton, New Jersey can restore women’s functionality and appearance for increased comfort and confidence without invasive surgery.

How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa treats both the internal and external areas of the vagina. This treatment gently heats the area, stimulating the muscles to tighten while promoting collagen production for long-lasting results. After treatment, patients can expect a tighter and more youthful vaginal structure that restores a sense of confidence and intimacy in women.

Patient comfort is a top priority at Hazen Medical Spa, and our staff works to accommodate the needs of every patient while addressing any concerns or questions during a consultation prior to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ThermiVa work?

ThermiVa treatments in Princeton, New Jersey work by applying gentle heat to the vagina; this heat causes the muscles to tighten, restoring functionality without surgery.

How many treatments are needed for optimal results?

For optimal results, many patients require up to four treatments over a few weeks. Results vary from person to person, and can be discussed during your consultation prior to treatment.

Is there any downtime associated with ThermiVa?

There is no downtime after non-surgical ThermiVa treatments, and patients can return to their normal routine and sexual activity the following day.

When will I see my results?

Results can begin to show up right away, with optimal results experienced a few weeks after treatment.

How can I get started?

To learn more about ThermiVa in Princeton, New Jersey at Hazen Medical Spa, contact us to schedule your consultation today.