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Laser Hair Removal

Many men and women struggle with unwanted or excess body hair, and conventional hair removal methods can be expensive and tedious. Shaving and waxing are time-consuming and do not provide permanent results. With Laser Hair Removal treatments in Princeton, New Jersey at Hazen Medical Spa, patients can enjoy hair-free skin that is smooth and long-lasting without constant maintenance.

Laser Hair Removal treatments permanently reduce unwanted hair by utilizing laser energy to target active hair follicles. Because the laser energy destroys the hair follicles, existing hairs fall out in a few weeks and new hairs are unable to grow back. Since Laser Hair Removal can only treat active hair follicles, a series of treatments is required for best results.

Princeton Laser Hair Removal treatments require no downtime and are relatively pain-free, with most patients describing the sensation like the snapping of a rubber band. Prior to being treated, we suggest that patients do not go tanning or expose the treated area to sunlight, as tanned skin is harder to treat and limits results. In the weeks following Laser Hair Removal treatments in Princeton, patients will begin to see permanent results and a smoother appearance.

Laser Hair Removal can treat hair on:

  • Face
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bikini Area
  • Legs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser Hair Removal treatments work by applying laser energy to the active hair follicles in the skin. This energy destroys the follicle, causing existing hair to fall out and preventing new hair from re-growing.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Although pain tolerance varies from person to person, most patients describe the sensation of Laser Hair Removal as relatively painless, and similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin.

When will I see my results?

Results from Laser Hair Removal can be seen a few weeks after treatment, once the follicles begin to fall out. Results can be optimized over a series of treatments.

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