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Vanquish Body Treatment

Vanquish Fat Reduction in Princeton, NJVanquish is one of those body contouring techniques that need to be experienced to be believed, because, at first glance, it seems much too easy to be true. The name itself suggests a pain-free victory over fat, lumps and bulges. At last, here is a chance to not simply manage fat, but conveniently vanquish it.

Adding to the natural skepticism is the fact that Vanquish is completely noninvasive. Unlike other treatments that harness the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy to disrupt fat cells and firm skin, there is no thin subdermal probe, just a rectangular device that is positioned about an inch above the surface of the skin.

If all of this were not enough to lead some to doubt the effectiveness of Vanquish, patients have even reported falling asleep during the treatment. Lose fat while you sleep? What’s next, calorie-free pizza?

Despite an array of benefits that sound like incredible exaggerations, Vanquish really does live up to the hype. Learn more in the FAQs, below.

How does Vanquish work?

Vanquish fat reduction in Mercer CountyThe curved panel that is positioned above your body as you recline emits a steady stream of RF energy for up to 45 minutes. The agitated fat cells are liquefied and ultimately purged via your body’s lymphatic system.

Clients often describe the feeling as similar to that of a heating pad, or even an afternoon of sunbathing at the beach. For your skin’s surface, the temperature is more balmy than hot. But for subdermal fat cells, the RF energy is searing in its ability to disrupt and liquefy stubborn pockets of fat. As fat is vanquished, the body boosts production of collagen and elastin in response. These natural proteins improve the integrity, firmness and resiliency of the skin.

As you might expect from a treatment that some compare to a day at the beach, there is no downtime after a Vanquish session.

Which body areas respond well to Vanquish?

Vanquish is popularly used to shrink unwanted volume around the abdomen and flanks. Many women opt for this treatment after childbirth, to reclaim their slimmer pre-pregnancy shape. The technique is not a shortcut to lose weight, and in fact obese individuals are not good candidates for the procedure. The technology allows treatment of large areas of the body.

How many sessions will I need?

Dr. Hazen recommends six treatments every 7-14 days. Various studies have indicated that clients can expect fat reduction of up to 25 percent in treated body areas.

One more too-good-to-be-true benefit of Vanquish is that the fat cells that have been liquefied will never return. Adjacent cells can increase in volume if you revert to a low-energy, high-calorie lifestyle, but the vanquished fat is gone forever.

To learn more about Vanquish, contact Hazen Medical Spa today to schedule your personal consultation in our Princeton office with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen and her nurses.