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Cosmetic Procedures for Millennials

Millennial Plastic Surgery TrendsPlastic surgeons around the country have noticed an interesting trend: a surge in the number of patients in their early to mid-20s (i.e., members of the millennial generation) requesting non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments to stay ahead of the aging curve.

Some doctors believe that the rise in social media and “selfies” makes young adults more aware of perceived flaws like facial lines and wrinkles earlier in life. The millennial generation is generally better educated about treatment options than previous generations, so they are well aware of the many ways to correct imperfections.

Why Is Botox So Popular Among Millennials?

One of the treatments that has been embraced by millennials is Botox, a cosmetic injectable designed to treat dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles form from repeated facial expressions (e.g., frowning, squinting or furrowing the brows) and are visible even when the face is at rest. When injected into specific facial muscles, Botox temporarily relaxes the muscle, and the overlying wrinkle becomes less noticeable.

Botox is commonly used among millennials for preventative purposes — i.e., to help slow the development of deeper wrinkles in the future and make it easier to treat those lines down the road. By starting Botox injections at a younger age when wrinkles are barely noticeable, the injectable weakens the facial muscles for less visible wrinkles in the long run.

Botox injections are quick and minimally invasive; the results can be easily maintained with regular treatments.

Other Popular Treatment Options

Botox and its counterpart Dysport are not the only non-surgical procedures favored by millennials for “prejuvenation,” which refers to early maintenance treatments that enhance one’s looks and prevent the need for more aggressive anti-aging treatments in the future.

Cosmetic Procedures for MillennialsAnother category of injectables, known as dermal fillers, are also popular. These products restore volume and shape to areas of the face like the temples, cheeks and lips that can lose volume over time. Fillers keep the face looking plump, youthful and relaxed by artfully sculpting or enhancing the features.

Non-surgical treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing are also prevalent among millennials to help reverse early sun damage and stimulate the production of collagen. Unfortunately, the body’s supply of collagen, which is a protein vital to supple, elastic skin, dwindles with age. However, chemical peels and laser treatments help to make up for the declining natural production of collagen.

Well-informed millennials also know that a great skin care routine is the foundation for beautiful, youthful-looking skin. Prescription-grade retinol products and products with growth factors are very popular among millennials.

Choosing the Right Person to Perform Treatment

Dr. Jill Hazen of Hazen Medical Spa believes it is crucial for patients of any age (millennials and otherwise) to carefully consider the surgeon or technician performing cosmetic treatments. Your safety and wellbeing are important factors. An experienced provider with training in facial anatomy and a well-developed aesthetic eye will ensure you have the best experience with the most natural, beautiful results.

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